Address fields in a form

I absolutely hate how we layout the address fields in the form.
How do we traditionally do this?
We address to a person,
Someone I Know
who is in care of someone better known
C/O, Some Hotshot

we write the miniscule bits first, is there a room, a sub section of room?
like top bunk/bottom bunk? Fair enough, let’s put that down.
Left Corner of Almira
Unit 5, 34 Non-existent Street, SomeSuburb, NOSTATE – 0001, AWSOMEPLACE.
then slightly grow wider in the radius.. you get the picture.

But wouldn’t it be nicer the other way round?
Ross Island
Cape Evans
Scott’s Hut
Next to Coleman’s Flour boxes
Behind Long table
Top bunk (Right hand side)

You don’t know where I am leading you but you are not completely lost. You are where I am with every word I have written. Not to mention, suggestion of States/Suburbs/Postcodes would be so much easier on the prefilled select boxes.

But if it was other way round;
Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans on Ross Island, who is Scott? where is Ross?
Am I alone on this? Why must I be the only person cruising Antarctica? 😉
Speaking of which, check this out:


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