Malaysian airlines website’s server error

How an entire aeroplane, with so much technology at hand, gets vanished will remain a mystery to me. Neither it is clear how the land missile remains unnoticed when fired to an aeroplane. I am no expert in this, but as human I only grieve at the loss. But my today’s post is about smaller tragedy that followed all the MH tragedies.

When my in-laws were flying over, despite the fear, we were looking for tickets with Malaysian Airlines. We have traveled with MH so many times, any other airlines still feels bit foreign to us. While searching for the tickets, we came across this.

Malaysian Airlines website server error

Malaysian Airlines website server error

At this age of internet, a well sought after website like Malaysian airlines *should* bother with proper error pages. But this tragedy was also not handled properly by Malaysian airlines and we came across the horror page.

The amount of technical information that is exposed as part of this is .. slightly scary.
Like now I know, Malaysian airlines (possibly):

  • uses Struts with Spring MVC, with a servlet mapping configuration missing..
  • using Apache Tomcat 6.0.14 – so possibly has security vulnerabilities.
  • From the exposed stack trace, I can see there is abstract factory pattern is in use, and
  • server configuration for needs to be checked out.

Leaving a stacktrace out like this is like doing your laundry in public, and no one wants to see that. šŸ™‚

If you still don’t have a proper error page in place for your site and looking for inspiration, here is my favorite link.
And more..

And here, I even googled it for you..

Some of these error pages are so awesome, when I get bit bored, I open them up to get a bit of laugh. I mean it is a bit sad really, but I’m sure you would change your mind if you check this website out for a change..
God! I am getting royal treatment here! **wink** **wink**


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