Hail the driver

Got a thoroughly lectured down by the bus driver on route from Chullora to Bankstown.

The driver was probably having a bad day. He spent at least 2 minutes (which I swear felt like eternity amidst glaring passengers, oh, wait I was just imagining it..) explaining how he would have left me at the bus stop if he saw an inspector/ranger around. I should count my lucky star that he was kind enough to stop even though a fair 3-4 meter away from the bus stop.

I am to ‘hail the driver’.

I don’t really get it, why would I have to hail the driver if I am actually waiting at the bus stop for the bus, in appropriate time for an upcoming bus?

In my ‘old third world’ country, there are no fixed bus stops. You practically chase down/hail the driver for a lift. It’s something akin to hitch-hiking. If the driver feels like stopping, or if there is a seat for you, he might stop.. a fair 3-4 meter away from where you are standing..

But here in Sydney, you get bus stops, named and marked with numbers. With roof for shade and bench to sit on, while you wait for the bus as noted in the post – with map and timetable and promotional texts about ‘opal’ card. Why? Why do still you have to hail the driver? Why would someone simply sit in the bus stop and not want to be in the bus? is it some sort of hobby? Are there not enough benches in the park/shopping mall? Why am I unaware of this trend where people simply hangs out in the bus stop?


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