Things that move me..

It has been a while since my last post, but as the falgun (spring of 1419) comes by and entire Dhaka city and all the community of Bangladeshi living abroad, unites in protest.. silence doesn’t justify.

One of my junior school-mate shared a request for petition with this video. For those who are coming up with excuse(s) and justifying their silence, let it be a push.

We are always taking the back-seat, waiting for others to take over and lead things. I partly blame our generation’s conservative attitude for the situation in our country, with all the corruption, negligence and misfortune. We have created a void of active intellectuals, we’ve read, we’ve learnt and we moved outside of country and now only complain about what is wrong with our country.

I understand the inconvenience caused by the protest at Shahabag for the conservatives, but for once this is for ourselves, for our country, for our history. Over the years we’ve managed to tolerate all those nuisance created in the city by political parties, why should our younger brothers and sisters be scrutinized in the same scale?

Have you read Jahanara Imam’s ‘Ekatturer Dinguli’?
Collection of true stories Nilima Ibrahim’s ‘Ami birangana bolchi’? Enough of reading all the petty novels, atleast read ‘Shamol Chaya’ by Humayun Ahmed. We are grossed out by the brutality of the fight and we try to escape from the pain that still lingers in the heart of the one who lost someone in the freedom fight.

My heart reaches out to the people who are protesting, standing under the open sky, asking for justice. Islam doesn’t support the brutal acts committed in the name of religion, may Almighty grant us the justice that we have been waited so long for.


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