stop poking us, I beg you..

It is an interesting thing, this Death.

Unless it touches you somehow, you are behind the glass, you can see the people tormented by it,
like you watch those bats in the dark, glass-enclosed confinement. You feel empathetic towards them.
you ponder, ‘..such sad things happen to people’.
Only when Death reaches you somehow, snatches someone beloved from you,
you break in to one of those silent scream that you often hear the bats do.

What is the best thing to do? Hide yourself and hung upside down?
I count my blessings, Merciful God can be quite brutal sometime,
I am told – He knows everything and there must be a reason for what he is doing..
It is His way of testing.

I had a parrot once, quite rebellious one at that.
It never liked staying inside the wire-cage it came with.
It would rub and wriggle its head through the small opening between the wires to find a way out.
I was quite fond of poking it. I never understood how painful it must have been for that parrot.

Knowing all He knows, I should think He would stop poking us, isn’t it?


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