Its like.. its like they have a master plan!

Have you noticed how the super power nations are now intimidated by China? No one dares to speak against them and more importantly no one dares to say anything against the wrong they commit to !
If you pick a fight with someone one tenth of your size and who does not believe in violence, and when others notices the oppression you try to mute them with brute force, what can that be termed as?
Isn’t there a rule against this oppression?

Why does China hate the Dalai lama?
China mutes Bangladeshi Exhibition
USA says I rather not speak with you Dalai Lama because I have sold my soul to China

Its like they have a master plan to invade the whole world, they have started it with their own country, moved to removing a religion head from his rightful position, muted anyone who might have had a say against it. Shouldn’t some one speak against it before the virus infects all?


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