good initiative – but have we thought this through?

Yahooo!! 6th grader and 8th graders!! finally !! Do they get to see a computer? Or this initiative gets bumped at the level of regional corruption where no one knows where the grant finally got lost in the dark hole? I really have high hopes for this, “Computer literacy is becoming compulsory at the 9th grade” [Prothom-alo, 01-Nov-2009]

Who is making the curriculum, where is it getting screened? Where can we obtain a copy of the proposed curriculum? No doubt the initiative is great, but what is going to be the content of the curriculum? How to create microsoft word document, how to create excel sheet?
Can we do this, can the curriculum be like a wiki-site and we could all propose an addition to the curriculum and then a team would edit/moderate the post as necessary? It would save a hundred hours worth of work for someone (I am guessing some poor fellow in ministry who would have to dig down to start doing a documentation from scratch) but result in much better content than it is run by 2-3 sets of eyes. The result would be a much criticized and polished curriculum, an wonderful tool to hand to the kids.

I am really hoping to see a curriculum that allows the kids from the outer suburbs to be able to log in to internet and manage to outsource their skills. Can you think about it? High speed internet connected to a cheap laptop, a Bangladeshi kid is writing a piece of code that is being used by an Austrian Company!! I dare to dream!!
Our parents are turning their blood to water trying to afford good education and even after completing tertiary level of education we sit around with no jobs. I think its about time we should bring some changes and improve the quality of the education provided to the kids instead of just handing them the degrees. Its time for education that actually lets you earn and improve the quality of living rather than enrich the manure in the head that stinks.


One thought on “good initiative – but have we thought this through?

  1. Wonderful thoughts. I’m not sure how fruitful the initiative would turn out to be, but nevertheless a good initiative. There is no alternate to proper education and it’s the only way we can convert our huge population into a powerful force.

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