missing your tongue?

I am sure you have come across plenty of those certain points in your life when you are confronted by a situation, and you ate your tongue!

You know exactly what I am talking about .. don’t you? For example you are making a small talk and you get pinched by a remark and you are thinking – ‘think, head! think! think of something witty and funny but – at the same time can be posed as a smart answer to the pinch!’ You are hoping your prompt reply would be there (smile).. any minute now (nervous smile).. but no.. it never happens (disappointment)!

And God forbids if you force a reply – it would neither be funny, nor appropriate. It would be nothing short of being a subject of nightmare for next couple of nights – with ’embarrassment-O-meter’ reading pointing a reading of ‘I-am-a-naked-clown-in front-of-everyone-I-know’ level.

Its like your tongue was on vacation, was in off duty, or eloped – cruising somewhere, in nice sandy beach along with your ‘instant-response’ brain cells.. Damn, don’t you hate not being there? Worst of it is when they are back in their duty, all the proper response comes back to your head and you are left with a taste as bad as reading yesterday’s newspaper.

Don’t you think its about time the scientists create some sort of fancy pills that comes with colorful packing, tastes like strawberry and helps you keep your tongue and brain-cells together?


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