pièce de résistance

I am losing to see the while point of being a mother. More I listen to people more I am thinking, what is the point? You get pregnant, you carry around that lump for 8 or more months, then you give a excruciatingly painful birth to a crying-peeing-pooping diaper-monger. (You would think that would be all.. hahahaha…)

Then you give up your normal life-style to take care of it for 18+ years – you don’t sleep, you don’t take timeout for yourself.. You devote your life behind raising it, tolerating its inability to stick to the rules, and equally powerful natural abilities to find all incompetence in your part to fail to see what it (s/he) is planning next, that might stamp right at your face and yell, ‘in your face sucker!!’

You know what I think?
All this crap about ‘being mother is the best thing of all’ – slogan is just another way how other new-moms can cut your tail in the same trap. And when men says the same thing, in my head its getting translated as -‘how about you stay back home, clean after the messy monster, so that I can take the day off’? What would have been fair is, if women gave birth, it should only be fair if men stayed back and took care of baby.

Hope I am not harsh-ing your mellow, I guess it would just take me some time to really see the point of giving birth to another mouth when the earth already has enough people.


6 thoughts on “pièce de résistance

  1. Wow…that’s really too bad and a bit sad. I’m not planning on kids myself, but if it’s any reassurance, my mother was my enemy for 14 years, and then I developed utmost respect and admiration for her. Same for my two brothers…they may grumble and disagree with her in private, but no one ever forgets all that she did for us. Yes, she lost out on girls night-out and carefree living. But she did win a loving family.

    • Hi Mia, this post reply is long due..
      your mother is lucky that she won your respect and admiration..
      and you are lucky to have brothers who remember their mother. But what if, none of them did? what if you never really managed to get back to being her friend? What would it do to her? How would she feel? Do you want to be in her shoe at that situation?

  2. hmm… that’s a way of “speaking your mind”. You have a nice writing style. but the things you said is a bit…. nevermind

    irtiza104 from bangladesh

  3. Just think, you got the opportunity to come to the world for your mother……and the world always have enough people from the stone age, it doesn’t need people, its human being who needed and used the world. But I agree it would be better if man can share some more pain of this process.

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