Telling time

Have you ever came across one of those annoying people who always has a similar stories to tell in response to your interesting, one-of-a-kind story? [Guilty!]

Yesterday we were watching friends (Season – 7), it was our vow to watch all the seasons of friends once we are together, so when we got down to Monica-Ross-Chandler telling embarrassing secrets to each other; Ross said Monica couldn’t tell time even when she turned 13.. (hehehehe..)

Thing is I couldn’t tell time even when I turned 10 and I still have trouble with quarter-to and half-pasts! I have more trouble with my native way of time telling ( ‘showa’, ‘pone’).

Moreover, I had issues with left-right!!

I didn’t know my left from right up until I was in my 5th grade.. thats really late, if my parents knew about this they would get me treated by a child specialist for deferred development of direction senses.. ( or whatever wierd name they would call it by ).

Well thanks to a smoker, I gained my sense of left-rightyness. We would often go to Bagerhat, our country town for Eid celebration and while cruising through the swarm of ricksaws at folarpotti@bagerhat I managed to get a cigerate burn on my right hand. My cousin who was with my scolded the s**t out of that clumsy guy, and told me to hide my right (daan) hand  from my parents. So I took note to hide my blazed hand (daan hath) .. thats how I got hang of the sides.

End of Story..

NOTE : I still get confused sometimes and yell ‘go-right ! go-right !!’ while I keep pointing left when my hubby drives his car in and out of garage.. poor guy uses me as his navigator ( has no clue about my navigation skills .. lolz )


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