Ant and the Bug

Took the morning out to explore the spring in my machine. After having the Java_home, path set for Tomcat, it was time for ANT.

For some reason the ant was killing my build. Every time I went

C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder\workspace\springapp > ant
C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder\workspace\springapp > ant -verbose build

I would receive detail error that would go like this..

Buildfile: C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder\workspace\springapp\build.xml

C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder\workspace\springapp\build.xml:85: C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder\Tomcat\lib not found.

But my Tomcat was not inside my C:\Documents and Settings\MyaccountFolder
I have even set a TOMCAT_HOME to C:\Tomcat.

Later I was inspecting the build.xml file and xml. I have copy-pasted it from tutorial.
The only thing I changed was shown here..

# Ant properties for building the springapp
appserver.home=${user.home}/apache-tomcat-6.0.14 /Tomcat
# for Tomcat 5 use $appserver.home}/server/lib
# for Tomcat 6 use $appserver.home}/lib

I guessed the user.home had something to do with it. so i modified it to be ..

user.home = C:
# Ant properties for building the springapp
# for Tomcat 5 use $appserver.home}/server/lib

Hoping the {user.home} can be overridden .. and on retry with “ant -verbose build” i got:

Override ignored for property “user.home”

This was getting on my nerves.. so I ripped off my decent attitude and hard coded the path..
Voila! that was it!

# Ant properties for building the springapp


Btw, if you are facing similar issue try this forum post..


Today I had a pure blond moment : when asked about DNS I replied ” something to do with database..” my sup said, “What?”, i enforced my reply saying, “Isn’t it something that use to refer to database”? Lolz.. ( shouldn’t have been thinking too much in to Ant)

He was reading about DNS protocol and the new bug that has been posing question whether the entire protocal should be re-written or not. DNS version 2.  Read more about bug..


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