Episode : Lost and Found

There is a big basement sale going on in the Queen Victoria Market. I am not a great shopping enthusiast, but I did need some utensils, so on Thursday night we took a walk across the basement. It was nice, we had a bite to eat at TGV’s fast food section, browsed through some bags and later joined the shopping frenzy at the basement.

Until we had to head back and I had to look for my small black purse, I had no clue that it dropped out of my pocket! ( Talk about being clueless! hehehehehe..) So we rushed back trailing on the breadcrumbs..

After chasing all the way back to the fast food court, we got hold of security people who had “I know what you lost an hour ago” smile in their face. Rest is a slow walk and reaching to the security office where I found my small black purse!

Of course I got a comment from my Hubby ( which I mistakenly comprehended to be a compliment! ).
He said, “you bring adventures to my life!” It was the most sweet thing if he was smiling.. but he wasn’t. I have taken a personal note of Never sticking my purse in my pocket ever again!

Special thanks to great security that are enforced in Sydney city and around it. It feels strage to be that safe for people like me. Anyway, Keep the great work up, guys!


2 thoughts on “Episode : Lost and Found

  1. Also the employees who work there, they were the one who went out to look for the security. In the end, the issue was resolved so easily that it was truly unbelievable!

    So, what do you have in mind for the next adventure?! 😀

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