.ISO file

Well admittedly this was my first exposure to .iso file. I was given a program to install the CD only had one iso file. After being bounced back asking for the right cd, I had to look it up.

Apparently if you have large amount of data, you can create a image file ( extension *.iso )  to save space. To install these file, there are numerous programs available. I have used Virtual CloneDrive.

Partly because it is freeware and I liked the concept of their logo.  It had sheep ( to mean Cloning.. 🙂 )

Here is how you install an .ISO setup file.

  • Download virtual clonedrive ( or any program that you may prefer).
  • Install the program: A drive would appear that behaves like CD/DVD drive.
  • Click on the drive and select Mount from right-click-option.
  • Select the *.iso file that you wish to install : this would mount the image file in the drive.
  • Click on the this mounted-CloneDrive to initiate the installation process.

Hope this Iso installation for Dummies helped you out.  Cheers!


P.S. I think I used virtual directory to mount gaming cd before.. but couldn’t get my head around to think of 120% Alcohol, daemon tools!!


2 thoughts on “.ISO file

  1. Farlin I also found that you can open an iso image with Winrar (by accident :-S) … just extract the contents and enjoy !!!! 😀 …

  2. Hey, you are right!
    I haven’t tried winrar for ISO file.. but when I was installing winrar for a friend’s laptop last weekend, it was associating .iso file during installation. So, i guess it also works with winrar.. thanks for the heads up. 🙂

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