Lingering error

As a part of a small project, I had to evaluate couple of documentation softwares for our code base. It was assigned to me in the first week of my employment so obviously I was tensed about whether I could do it right.

Holding wikipedia as a reference, I downloaded the set of software that claimed to support .Net/C# ‘s documentation. Featuring ;

    – DocumentX
    – NDoc
    – TwinText
    – Universal Report

well after I had my little experiment, it was time to cleanup and I carried it out using Window’s “Add & Remove program panel”. After all was removed, refreshed, cache cleaned. I thought I would have a fresh start with restart.

Well, to my dismay, as soon as I started my Visual Studio 2003, it threw me a range of error message!

Lingering Errors

Lingering Errors

I was guessing something didn’t get flushed from the series of installation/uninstallation project. My supervisor Seb suggested me to use this nifty little tool CCleaner that helped me clean my system better.

CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

But something was still wrong and those “DXVSNET5 has encountered a problem” wouldn’t go away. Why does people make softwares that throws such stupid errors? After some serious hair-tearing and through search in the Internet, my file system and in regKey of my machine. I found the association of the DXVSNET5.dll to VS2003.

It turns out, one of the softwares, listed above, was too clever and had integrated itself to Visual studio 2003. And even after I have un-installed; it has left a part of its code, looking up for its host program, then not finding it and throwing a bunch of error message here and there and making me crazy!!

Oh! in case you are wondering how I fixed it,

1. In Run command : type “regedit”
2. In the window search for the disturbing dll’s entry.
3. remove the related key’s entry.

However before you do this, make sure, in no way you are using the dll you are removing. Or else you are going to be in big trouble!


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