Not writing..

I have been planning to write for quite a while now and every time, one or two things turns up and flashes down my enthusiasm. However today, I managed to overlook all the smaller things that holds me back and made it to the blog.

I had a struggling weekend. I burnt a size ten chicken beyond recovery, saw a pair of terrible movie ( pathology, Into the Wild). The first one was way too gore-ish for my taste! Latter messed my head up and made both of us depress. Its all about how cruel nature can be to you when you decide to leave your niche behind and feel unable to forgive and love.

The only highlight of the week is us acquiring a washing machine which has energy efficiency rating of 4 star. Persuaded by my hubby, we managed to grab a good deal with the voucher. We had a small talk about how the in-store voucher bends you towards spending instead of saving.

We both feel quite environment-friendly now! As a part of our feel good action I signed up to – a site with wonderful engaging idea towards saving energy. Thumbs up!


One thought on “Not writing..

  1. I am sure you will write more when we get our Internet on. Just don’t burn the chicken while writing! 😀

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