Uncertainty is playing poker with me and I am terrible at it!
I have some good cards at my hand but again its hard to tell whether he is bluffing and I should keep raising the steak till he caves in, or this is it, lets fold ?

I just hope this game gets to positive side and I get my machines running ..

I have finally uploaded my bridal images in picasaweb. I had my free account with yahoo photos, but they tricked me by transferring all my photos to flickr (it was only trail subscription).
Than they hid all my old photo album and I couldn’t find any!! ( šŸ˜› see only first 200 pics! Man are you kidding me?)
So, I had to go though this painful process of downloading the images from flickr, using FlickrDown & than uploading it using picasa2 tool!
I got back in touch with one of my old school buddy, Erina. I am still looking for Maisha Synthiya.
She used to be this real cool friend of mine, who left oxford after 6th grade and migrated to Australia afterwards. Wish I found her somehow!


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