28 days to go..

This post has nothing to do with the movie 28 days later. But its all about me going to home –
I have counted the days left before I have a touchdown on the earth of BD. I would try to write the things that I did, randomly, trying to communicate on how to wrap things up in a foreign place and leave for home.
So far the work left is,

  • Work : handover of my Notes and Integration code.
  • University: documentation submission, graduation on 22nd Feb!
  • Closing: Close all accounts with banks and other organization like dorm, internet(done!), insurance company, etc..
  • Tours: Berlin, 12th Feb.
  • Packing: Leave extra things with Rob Uncle, arrange to sell Microwave, weigh the bags, depending on the luggage size do some shopping etc.
  • Meeting people: Find/meet & say goodbye to all people whom I knew here.

So its a lot of things to do. I keep thinking, am I missing something else?


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