Gadget for your DoXtop portal

It was the time when I was trying to apply for my thesis position and I received a company lead. I wanted to apply right away but the major problem I was facing was something like this: My cover letter mentioned a week old date. It was already in PDF format so opening it up in Google document wasn’t the right idea.

The portal I spoke about, in one of my earlier blog, called DoXtop has this amazing flexibility that the source document can be converted in to almost anything (HTML/Word file/PowerPoint file/PDF file.. ) and the source file itself could also be almost any format you can find in common! So for me things would have been easy, like uploading my CV to my account and getting the converted word format down! Better yet, I could even keep the document in the system and refer a link to the probable employer! [Online portfolio sample]

If you have been using the Google gadget, you could access these publication by adding the gadget to your Google page.
Gadget DoXtop :
[Add to My iGoogle!]
Let me know if you have any feedback about the gadget, the portal or the post itself!


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