roman holiday

Just returned from Rome. Beautiful city, always fancied about this city. Wait for a writeup and for the photos! 🙂
lgpp30624audrey-hepburn-is-princess-ann-roman-holiday-poster.jpg p.s. don’t you just love the film Roman holiday?
Audrey hepburn is so enchanting! Wish someday I would get my roman holiday there..

I’ve been through a lots of movies lately and none has appealed to me as much as “The Bucket List”. It was fun-filled, quite unlike something that you might expect from a movie with stories of two cancer patients! I guess, here is where the actor-duo made things great!

One perticular scene was tormenting, when Jack runs to washroom to puke (side-effect of kemo) . I’ve never been sick enough to demand loads of attention, but when I had gastric upsets, mom used to go crazy.. Mothers, you know..! After I came to live on my own, I’ve discovered, the worst thing is – when you are alone and you are sick, there is no one to put water in your head, or clean you up .. its outright sad.

Here goes my bucket list:

– hmm … need to think, i’ll add them as comment to this post.. meanwhile if you have suggestions.. 😉


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