facebook – ta! ta!!

So that’s what I said to Facebook.
Most irritating was the deactivation page, it was throwing some last minute bargain, like ‘ if you take this, I’ll give you this at half price!’ shis!! When someone have decided to kill himself, the suicide hot-line should try to aid in suicides, not throw in some cheap deals about life! Thanks to Facebook’s deactivation page (sarcastic), now I know I can sign in to Facebook anytime to get all my data back. Its like you can switch back to taking red-pill and return to Matrix anytime!! Well this is me proving myself that I am not Facebook addict, so I am off..

Meanwhile with other part of my life ( grey zone), I have lost some good proportion of sanity in Germany. One of my acquaintance said, if you stay in Germany you get a lot! Dream life of third world country people.. but it sucks the life force out of you like Death Eater. I am hoping to break out of it soon.

I have been wanting to write a bit about the Hamburg trip.

Last month I visited Hamburg with my German group of friends ( none of them are from Germany though.. Eloi-Teddy-Thomas France, Kika – Mexico , Carlos – Peru and me ). Reached early morning and it was rainy as Hell.. We harboured on the top of the Elbe River. We decided to walk around till it was time for us to check-in. The Misty city gleamed with sunshine shortly. We walked through the Churches, Shopping centers, decorated busy city and laughed at the kids falling down continuously at skating ring. It was altogether a completely different Germany. People were cheerful and happy. Later in the night we went to visit the musical shows and more shopping mall. It was beautiful and everyone stayed up late. German shops closes right at 18:00.. at best 20:00.. But we discovered shops opened till 22:00 and opened in Sunday morning. You can kill a cat (just felt like killing something.. hehehhee..), but you will not find a open shop on Sunday!! Unless you are looking for flower or bread!

We visited this wonderful miniature museum, with replica of top cities of world to done to minor details! Aha! people in concert, factories in production, people, construction sites, trains moving, cars having accident .. such specifics.. we saw Las-Vegas, Scandinavian cities, Hamburg, New York.. It was amazing. We went to visit the Dock-Yard later that night and ate fish at local Portuguese fish restaurant. The food schmeckt gut! 😉 Hamburg has always been a major bustling town because of its port. The dynamic movement probably allowed the people in this region to be more fun-loving and full of life.

On the last day, we wanted to see the sea shore at Lübeck. But the connection of bus was irregular, fearing that we might miss our return ticket, we walked around in the city’s famous Christmas market. We returned just in time to catch the Train, but alas something was amiss. We had reservation and there was no seats in the car that matched that reservation! Eloi and other went to talk to the ticket-checker and informed about the reservation.. turns out, the DB (Deutsche Bahn, aka German Train) didn’t expect so many people and there was a car shortage, so all reservation was cancelled. for Five hours we would be screwed? Well, what do you know! We were moved to First class car.

We later moved to a more confined cabin were we played card games till the ticket checker came in and we invited him to help us take a funny photo with stupid Christmas caps that Kika bought for her family. He was also having fun at that. The trip back was a memorable slot .. and assuming it was the last one I would take with them, I cherished those hours more in my mind.


2 thoughts on “facebook – ta! ta!!

  1. Finally some description of the trip, still didn’t get the pictures though! 😉 Whats up with the first part of the blog? If you feel you’re so addicted to facebook, then simply don’t login! You can also try stopping the notifications of some applications if not completely remove them.

  2. See!!
    I was talking exactly about this thing! You take a decision and people suggest alternatives, why aren’t we allowed to just take a decision and not be bugged?
    I want to take decision and not be bugged by the consequence of it mentally.. neither by my own conscience nor by my walking conscience.

    The thing you suggested is the same thing Facebook suggested, but I just don’t want to be there anymore.. period.

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