bee in my bonnet

I’m your only friend,
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am..


My mom always told me I was very selfish because I never liked sharing anything with my brother. He have been my competition and I am not a good-sport. On several occasion we fought like Tom sawyer and Huckleberry finn, but more brutally. Back at that time, it didn’t seem so nostalgic-coolish as it sounds now.

Initially mom-dad took time out to explain why I shouldn’t beat up Shohag if for example, he took my sharpener or why he wouldn’t be punished if he scribbled in my song diary. On later phase it was different procedure cause they started to really ‘judge’ the case and even if I claimed my position, they still seemed biased. So we moved in to the more technical world of Law practice where witnesses were summoned to verify the incidence. Soon I realized, these too can be devised to be biased.

So, it was all about building up goodwill among my handful family members, who were Choto Dadu(granny – Dad’s mom), Moni kakku(uncle – Dad’s bro), Ziaul bhaiya (Cousin – Dad’s Sister’s first son), Hafizur bhai(Cousin – Dad’s Sister’s second son), Shonchu apu(Cousin – Dad’s Elder bro’s daughter), Mejho Dadu(granny – Dad’s aunt), Bua (mom’s assistent in Clinic) , Maiyo(bua’s son), Budra(bua’s husband), Kakoli(sister-1 who helped with house work), Parvin(sister2)..

Everyone’s witness counted for something, so everyone in my network had to stay happy and report good to mom-dad for me. Sometime they would even give extra point to me, thanks to me being extra nice. Ever since, I guess I have developed the practice of keeping myself in the center of the universe and add each new person to that system.

For those people who are part of my universe, I may not be a part of their universe.. but I don’t really care (well.. probably I do – but let me wear my tortoise suit for time being). What is important to me is that they are part of mine and if Pluto was a part of my solar system, I would have never ever thrown it out of my universe.


I have no clue why I added this para of lyrics from ‘they might be giants – Birdhouse in your Soul’ .. probably because it has very catchy tune! Also it was interesting cause, the singer screams at the word ‘who’ so loud that it sounds like he is asking a question. But the lyric says : “Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch, who watches over you”..


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