crazy dream (nightmarish)

So there were guests who came to visit this nice ruins. I took the guest to this place. On the gate, there was this stupid gatekeeper who started to take my eye-examination ( aren’t they only supposed to do security check?) Of course I failed to read what was written in the small yellow card cause I don’t read Malay (how did I know it was Malay? It could have been a Telegu letter!) Well anyway, not dishearten by the temporary upset, I’ve decided to sneak in. From here onwards it was only me.. I guess the guest got in regular way.

So there was police chasing me and my hubby came to rescue me (from where did he come from?), we were running around this brown-red, ancient building. Soon I had a rubber boa that would slightly float in air. I jumped up and reached the top of the building and the people couldn’t catch me cause there was no stairs (I couldn’t find him anymore).

These were all making me ‘want to wake up’..  Soon I noticed something else.. something was there in the sky. Well, there was nothing wrong about the obvious appearance of the sky, like not dark, or extra bright – it was normal evening light ( but in my head) I felt that if I look at the sky; something bad would happen. I looked up there anyway and I woke up in my small dark room – trembling. Time 4:10 am.

There was nothing that should scare me.. it sounds a bit funny but why did I feel it was like a nightmare?


3 thoughts on “crazy dream (nightmarish)

  1. I once read this crazy idea about dreams when I was a kid. That dreams are actually happening in some parallel world. LOL! You know who could write it! 😉

    Anyway, did you know what I dreamt last night? I saw that I have won a cool car! A brand new real car, from some lottery or something. Everyone was praising the car and I felt happy (in my dream). My cousin had test ride on it. Although in dream, I was still being practical. I saw that I don’t have a license and I don’t have a place to keep the beautiful car at my home. I told my dad maybe I should just sell it and try to find a flat or something for us with that amount and savings of me and dad’s.

    Later when I remembered about it, I realized that I never really drove the car i won! Poor me! 😛

    Some people can’t even dream right! 😀

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