shortcut buttons

Did you ever wonder about the key that has windows logo in it? It pulls up start menu. Did you know if you press it with m (WIN+m), you could minimize all the open windows from the view? I sometime do that, randomly – it gives me a break from staring at the radiant windows.

I am (almost hyper) Myopic (L -5.76, R -6.00). The upside of this is – sometime when I open my glasses, I can immediately isolate myself, almost like pressing WIN+m, minimizing all that are in front of me to a blurry, opaque wallpaper of world.

I am subtle control-freak, I like having control over what happens around me. But I really wish to let go of things and not worry about how would world go around without my existence. Each existence is so insignificant! Damn! these blogs are really getting grey. I should start writing something cheerful!

On second thought! I’ll pass.. enjoy the grey post!


2 thoughts on “shortcut buttons

  1. Interesting observation! I like how you describe and relate the little things together. Never saw the second para coming. Keep it up.

  2. হমম, আইডিয়া খারাপ না । তয় এটা এক ধরনের উটপাখি চিন্তা । একা হওয়া এতো সহজ না ।

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