I was rinsing a pack of grapes and I thought of my small trip to University of Hohenheim located in Plieningen Garbe. We all walked though the elaborately decorated botanical garden and climbed up the small hill to find a exhilarating view of the garden and surrounding place. The small architecture seemed like a broken temple, or king’s seat! My companions (all male) started to describe what would have been nice to have here.. ‘it would have been nice to have some cold beer’. Soon they started to portrait comfortable seats, beautiful woman waving leaves to fan and feeding grapes.. it was hilarious how their unindented imagination somehow resembled excerpts from Indiana Jones’s scene.

On a separate note: Tried out listening to Björk, a Scandinavian singer, but probably I shouldn’t have started with “violently happy“. “I’m a hunter” or “Venus as a boy” would have been a better start. It was interesting experience, I don’t know what caught me, her eccentric ways of moving her face in the video or the creepiness in the song lyrics! Regarding videos, does she take part in planning it? For each of them seemed made by different director but each contained this ‘hint of mint’ in it..Hmm.. too early to pass judgment.


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