Vista, Office 2007 and Acrobat

Well, when you have a range of familiar software acting absolutely different because of new GUI, you would feel like ripping your hairs off too! Caught up in the search of finding the small button that helps me convert PDF from word, I discovered, Word 2007 has a small plug-in that you would have to install in order to save the PDF file straight from word to PDF!

Nice hah?

Trivia: When you have the option than do not print using the distiller (that printing icon that appears in the printer drop down), its bad for PDF health! 😀 read more


2 thoughts on “Vista, Office 2007 and Acrobat

  1. Last I knew, Acrobat Writer used to add one small button in Word for the convenience. Now Word has its own word to PDF feature?

    What does distiller do?

  2. New Office 2007 has the option to ‘Save as PDF’. If you distill, you would basically end up achieving a electrical version of printed page, that holds not meta tags-
    Now, why Tag is important? It helps later when someone wishes to retrieve data, read from it using a tool or just save it for long term preservation!

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