Boats to freedom –

Recall the post I made about flood? Its really interesting that someone is also working on something similar!

“The boats operate year-round and offer a full primary school education with the same syllabus as classrooms on dry land. They avoid dangerous weather patterns by sticking close to mapped-out routes, typically along more shallow waters near the communities they serve.

The schools serve about 90,000 families in an area covering more than 300 miles, and make three- to four-hour stops six days a week.

“I love the boat so much more than regular school,” Mohamed said, swinging his thin legs as he sat on a bench reading a stack of stories. “It’s so fun when it comes to your doorstep.”

The school boats have also made it easier for girls to attend classes. Before, their parents were reluctant to let them walk long distances to school; now the schools come to them.

Rezwan said he hopes his floating village idea will catch on. He is working on sanitation issues and already trying to develop floating gardens, similar to those in Kashmir. Farmers there found they could build an earth bed of roots and dirt in a lake — thus enjoying constant irrigation — and produce huge harvests of vegetables.”



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