Speech at the National News Media

Personally I support the forced re-formation that is happening in Bangladesh (BD) now. It takes a lot to admit that his land requires changes and a ‘good heart’ to get down to the mud and clean up the mess. Whatever method his troop is taking, as long as there are some changes in the political scenario of BD, majority would be happy.

I watched the Bangladeshi Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed’s speech last night with my dad. It was in conclusion phase of a informal local gathering of all BD families stying near Stuttgart, Germany. I couldn’t stop but wonder about few things that caught my attention.

  • Why did he sound like some one who is doing pleasant TV-reporting? ( I was expecting somber tone, because its a state-of-emergency!)
  • Why was there only two cameras and the angle switching was so obvious that a novice like me could notice it!
  • Why there was no backdrop (of what-so-ever) telling it was ‘Peoples republic of Bangladesh’? Is it because he is not an elected person? well than there should be at least some thing that says ‘Bangladesh’ in backdrop! All that was there was wood engravings in Arabic and small monogram of ‘Shapla’. Our state religion is Islam, but that doesn’t mean to exclude ‘Bangla’ altogether!
  • There was also two flags, but someone who doesn’t know that BD’s flag is green-red, wouldn’t know what country this person belongs to! The camera angle made it look like the flags were not symmetrically placed!
  • His table looked so empty! If he was trying to give a impression that he was speaking from his office, shouldn’t that place look a bit less like ‘an empty room with table-chair put together at the last moment’ rather more like ‘well-furnished office room of a government official’?

I always expect my country to be well-represented in front of the world, just like any other BD person staying abroad. Would it really hurt to get a ‘interior-designer’ to set-up the office before the next speech?

By the way, my opinion is if u squeeze the lemon too many times it goes bitter. All the information he gave, didn’t require his presence. He could have as well got his ‘thottho-upodesshtta’ or someone else to do this. He should save his face value for more bitter days to come.


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