Re-design my life

Everyone has a list of “Things-To-Do” in the back of their mind and they only pull it up and tries to do them when they are diagnosed with severe, incurable disease or when they know they are dying ( :/ which is same as the previous..anywayz)

My list is not ‘I will die so I want to do this’. I want to go back to Dhaka and I want to do these ..

1. Hang around with my mom for entire week .. wait outside the hospital/clinic for her. (starting from taking her to work, occasionally assisting her in her work and  bringing her back home.. till she gets bored with me and wishes me to stay home and watch TV). I think I could even get my dad to hangout with me while we both wait for mom.

2. Preach my young bro on how to keep kool 😉 and how to get more girls .. till he starts to eat his socks off!

3. Guard my sister from home-school-home and take her to the cooliest hangout spots and eat all the crappy roadside food till (either) we both develop stomach condition (or) we complete a database of ‘crappy food to eat in Dhaka’!

4. Walk around aimlessly with my dad (.. and blabber) about things I don’t like about in Germany and why Dhaka is way cooler and make him buy all the books I like to read.. also assist him in Bazaar, ( ignoring the occasional smelly water splash from the fish vendors and muddy sidewalk).

5. When my hubby is back from office .. umm, don’t want to plan anything for him. Things always gets way better than I imagine when I am with him.


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