Facebook is the next hip thing and almost all the people I know are using the portal for networking!

But I find few things about it really annoying, like the application addition thingy! Oh come on! why do I have to invite people to try out an application? Inviting same people over and over again!! Man! I have sent more emails through facebook to people, than I did normally through my entire year. Also not to mention at some point you do lose the interest of choosing the people you want to send the emails to and there are incidences when you end up adding people you never really intended to in the first place.

Having said that – i do not deny I have become some sort of facebook addict. ( its a usual thing for me! I am portaloholic, whenever new portals comes up, I get hooked. My addiction is like my habit of using too many exclamations in my text.. as if I have my eyebrows crazy glued to my forehead’s uppermost position! Amazed by how life functions at all !!)

point is – No point. its pure procrastination!


One thought on “portaloholic

  1. Facebook seems a very smart website. Maybe they’re trying to provide as many features as they can, because no one really knows which application/feature users gonna like most until you let them use it. Unfortunately though, I cannot find any of my friends there!

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