Fight the Flood-

Why years after year we are spilling the milk in the same style and crying over it like a diaper baby? Why can’t we take advantage of what we can use this opportunity for? Where people see calamity, I see possibilities. I have thought of ways to fight this flood situation and I am hoping all my friends would help me add more ideas to these –

1. Town Centers: There shall be Ferries that would act as the town centers during the flood period. It would be a complete town center with sanitation system and water filtration unit. It would contain Market, Clinic, Work center, Prayer center also working as a community center, School and Navigation office. The families would take refugee in the ferry’s platform for initial weeks and later get reallocated in the boats. Boats would dock with the ferry and people would live in their own boat, like private quarter (we already have people living their entire life like that – Bede-Bedeni).

2. Work center: These work centers would vary in their own terms, specializing on the trades depending on which area it is currently located. But basic workshops would include boat makers, farmers with floating plantation, fishermen etc. The families would be ranked not according to their financial status but rather according to the labor that they can contribute.

3. Market: Trades would be done in terms of goods exchange. No ferries should try to deceive other ferry with lower grade material and if they do so, they would be banned from trading. However, they can call for help. If the production in a town center is on deficit, the centers can trade families and the flourishing center is bound to help the deficit center till they re-establish a level of stability in their system. During this time, the center stays docked and form a bigger center. The internal market shall also use the exchange method to sell food to the local families.

4. Clinic: – to be thought of –

5. School: At no point the schools should be postponed as it is important that the education remains stable. But the schooling system should not ( at any point! ) concentrate on creating book worm. The student shouldn’t be book smart but should be brought up as athletic (swim fast, dive long, climb tree faster, run like wind etc), they should have skilled hands in the time of disaster as functional tool with knowledge on how to purify water, how to send distress call, how to located food in stagnate water. They shouldn’t learn the first 12 lines of poem with punctuations and the author name, but realize when the poem of ‘Asmani’ tells their own story and feel sympathetic to themselves and help each other out.

6.  Prayer center: Faith is important thing that would hold the community together. There should be prayer center with divisions as appropriate, that would accommodate people to restore faith and heal people.

7. Navigation center: This is an administrative section that concentrate on keeping track of weather change and current location of the Ferry and send out distress call in case of emergency. This office would also call for emergency aid when required. Receiving aid would award a negative point to the ferry and this can be balanced when this ferry helps out another ferry. The ferry who was helped would award points to the Donner ferry.


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