Its Simply great. I have come across working with textile and it basically converts marked-up text in to valid, structured XHTML. Forget all the hassle of remmebering the HTML tags and codes and all you do is put *_ or just h1. You recall all those annoying time when we had to replace the special characters by Hexa numbers? Well I got rid of all automatically-

πŸ˜€ I like learning new things! ( but I only learn when I’m forced to! =)

Also yesterday was my first day at new job place. Everything went good. I had the same feeling as I had at Angelbeat recruitment, that I am being overestimated! Told Teddy and he replied in French-English, ‘why are you so completely.. ee.. don’t think about that about yourself!’ Well thats something everyone keeps telling me- specially my Hubby – Asif.

Gotta get over this. Btw, I wanted to hear this song so badly yesterday that it almost felt like a thirst! But I was late to go home and early to return so didn’t get chance to listen- 😦


2 thoughts on “Textile

  1. Adding bullets using * is a handy way, I saw it while using wiki. But not all the syntaxes are as simple as that one. h2{color:green} simply means learning yet another language syntax – but why?

  2. well, its seemed really good for the work of site migration. Think about what pain you would have to go through to change the layout of the text when you are changing the template of the site (aRgg!! those html tags).

    One thing is right that it still has some limitation, but I still think its easier.

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