birth of it!

Lot of things are happening around and I am trying my best to keep my nose on the top of the water level. But the waves keep pushing me off my feet. I completed my first month with my new company and by the grace of Al-mighty, things are going well. Good thing about this place is, its small. It has cohesive group and allows lot of interactions and most importantly, your ideas are ‘paid attention to’.
The company has a very promising web-portal called DoXtop and I am quite enthusiastic about it. There is a very hard working committed group of people working for this project: DoXtop. Apart from my thesis I browse around this interesting web-portal and in my view its has immense possibilities! I bet when it goes public, users would agree with my opinion.

It is always nice to hear the companies from developed nations taking interest in expansion. Often it means more work opportunity for skilled people back home. I wish Jose all the best in this venture and hope it generates good news for both country and abroad.


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