Critic innings

Exams are finished and I am all on movies. Instead of watching pop-movies I have started to watch critic-appraised movies . It was all going great till I start to watch the controversial movies like Water by Mira nair, well it was a beautiful movie, but my list had still had Lolita, Broke back mountain and Puccini for beginners. I’m at the last point and so far it has been beeping difficult.

I started with the Lolita and tried to watch it on three attempts, never made it past the first half of the movie! For some reason my head couldn’t just process the data. For broke back mountain it was so worse that I had the Horse reaction!! I eventually deleted the movie ( yes, shift+del) ! Puccini was by far the funnier and less stressful , actually the snappy dialogs of the actors are quite amusing.

Recommended movies:

blind dating – popmovie, sorry I was getting tired of serious movies.

pride and prejudice – type of movie that u can see with your grandma!

the great Escape – try to see this one with granddad! 😉


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