<angel 1> [approached the Angel 2 who was watching the skinny soul that lied on the smooth, white and uncomfortably clean linen. Moderate section of the pillow was wet with salt water and she had dried trails over her cheeks which instead of looking like tears, rather looked as if she drooled from her eyes. She sobbed a bit in her deep sleep and turned aside.] … Hey whats up?

<angel 2> New move-in. Not a strong believer, has faith but lazy in practice. I was thinking what is the best way to have her roll to Him?

<angel 1>Come on, when its time, she would roll in. Don’t try to force, that thing never works.

<a2> but I can make this work, really. I can make a strong believer out of this one, beside, there aren’t many that would miss her.

<a1> ..Hah! now a days you don’t check for anything do you? She have an entire army of people praying for her. I have other work to do, so I am leaving now. But you mind your plans. [angel 1 leaves.. ]

<a2> [murmurs..] .. perfect, i can isolate this plankton and use as a test subject for how much misery an insignificant living creature can tolerate. It would be perfect, but I would have to hide this, if I at least don’t pretend to play by rule it might boomerang back.

[The fallen angel leaves the room through the wide veranda window that was facing the calm river of Neckar. A soft breeze of cold wind brushed past him. She curled in a bit more and grabbed on to the blanket tighter. The cold night prevailed.]


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