Name of 5th kid

I have decided to name my fifth kid’s name (she better be a girl) after this girl’s name. . Her parents should be proud of her talent! I really liked the name too.. it sounds sasy!

Her name is ‘Cleopatra Stratan’ and here is her ‘Ghita lyrics’ translated in english. Loved it!!

The coat is inside out
There is no sun about(!)
nothing is going good.
Since I think of Ghita…
But Ghita is not in town
I searched for him around
It seems to me he is gone
he got a prov(?)…

Hard, i feel its been very hard
Want, I don’t know what I want
I know, that you like me too…
Ghita what is up with you?
you, come or either go
you, tell me yes or no
Ghita please, do answer me
tell me what your life would be?

Ghita, tonight I’m waiting at the wicker,
near the station, I wanted to tell – do come,
But don’t come as you did beforehand…
as Usually,with empty handed,
who else will wait for you as I do?…
entire evening, to get bit near to Ghita?
Show me just one other girl who
Can love you more, as much as I do!

Ghita, te-astept diseara la portita
Langa portita de la scoala
Vino da numa nu vini cum vii tu
De obicei cu mana goala
Cine te mai asteapta ca si mine
O seara intreaga numai pe tine.
Ghita, arata-mi tu o fata care
Sa te ïubeasca asa de tare!


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