Checking-in took only 15 min and she was shown her room on 5th floor which was still getting painted. Temporarily, she was allocated a room in 4th floor. The house master was a old, strong, tall German guy who helped her with the second luggage. She finally settled in her room and rested from the awful brown hill shoes that were torturing her for last 19hours, ever since she was aboard them!

She had some time to reflect to last 24 hours. The rush to reach airport in time, not being able to say good bye to mom and him.. the second slot of 6 hours were basically weeping and sleeping and weeping in sandwich manner. Her usual bad luck of getting uncomfortable sitting position didn’t fail her to launch her a seat in-between two humongous¬† guys. Well, she hardly paid any attention to them and continued to weep during the entire flight.


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