Not listening to what he was saying, and rather pissed off, she issued an unprintable adjective in her mind, addressing the driver of bus 103.  ‘This bus would not go to Palmenwaldstrasse stoppage, you would have to take this road and after 40 meters, walk to the street to your right.. bla bla…’ She stepped out of the bus.

She has to carry two luggages with cumulative weight of 35kg, which is only 10kg lighter than her own weight. For next few minutes she badly wished she was an ant with the capability to carry greater weight than their own body. But Nature doesn’t respond to mere cry of help of a distressed  foreign student, definitely not where the bus just dropped her. Another installation of unprintable adjectives came across her thought. She was not in her best gracious mood. Stepping on her traditional pant type paijama, she dragged her suitcases towards the pointed direction.

The next worst thing that would make this day perfect was to find the Whonheim office closed! So she tried to walk a bit faster, which resulted in rather futile effort. She crossed the rotten, sun burnt, wooden fenced parking lot of Mercedes-Benz and moved on to the huge brutal grass patch which was really trying its best to slow her down. After asking 2 people ( thank God!) finally the expected building was insight!


One thought on “arrival

  1. Excellent writeup. Easily one of the best of yours. Have you started practicing story telling seriously? 🙂

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