What makes a story good?

Silent Walker says: Hey I read the write up of yours today. It was good, a bit sad. But, do you think it’s good to publish something with so much on that topic? Would you be able to show this to any one? if its kind of hush hush thingy

nisshobdo_rati says: What is the best book you’ve read?
Silent Walker says: best? a collection of world’s famous stories i guess

nisshobdo_rati says: a single story? something you’ve read and thought, that was nice.. The story touched me!

Silent Walker says: She and return of she

nisshobdo_rati says: return of she.. haggard’s story? the female wizard, living in a distant country.where she is the goddess??

Silent Walker says: adventure story .. a guy went to a remote area .. There is the most beautiful queen ..etc etc

nisshobdo_rati says: well the main essence of the story was a guy who screwed up.. he was tempted and made a mistake .. it was humane mistake.. Any story that talks about the human side of life, is a good story, if he didn’t fall in love with tht woman and came back.. would it be the same?

Silent Walker says: i wasn’t thinking in that line
nisshobdo_rati says: for me, its ‘Nao Honnote’
Silent Walker says:what’s that?

nisshobdo_rati says: I want u to take time out and read Nao Honnote..

Silent Walker says:ok

nisshobdo_rati says: Nao Honnote-means not to be happening… or sth like that. u recall, ham dil de chuke sanam? This book was the root of that movie.Written by Moitreye Devi, awesome lady, from Robidronath Thakur’s Era..

Silent Walker says:

nisshobdo_rati says:
she fell in love with a French guy, a literature student to her father.. who was forced to leave country by her father and she had to marry a math professor. Its about her making the mistake and recovering.. if she committed suicide, it wouldn’t b as great story as its now to me. You read and than tell me what do you think of it. I bet you would know what I meant.


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